Joe is Theatre Director, Artist and Animator.


After studying at the University of York and becoming a finalist for the James Menzies Kitchin Award 2015, he completed the National Theatre Director's Course. He has directed work across the UK and internationally. Recently he was an Associate Director for the Pinters at the Pinter with the Jamie Lloyd Company in the West End and Associate Director for Beginning for The National Theatre.

As an artist he trained at the Colchester Art School where he developed his work in charcoal. His still work often focuses on landscapes and invites viewers to look at what we think of as ordinary views and instead consider their inherent beauty.

As an animator, he has been making animations for over a decade, and his films have been shown nationally. He won the Leeds Young People's Film Festival in 2009. He works in charcoal on paper and uses an old fashioned technique of stop frame, drawing each frame by hand.

Joe is based in both London and the Essex countryside. 

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