Exhibition NOVEMBER 2021

Blue Work (and other colours)

I held an exhibition of my newest and bluest paintings. It was the first exhibition of my work for three years. We had so many guests, thanks to all who came to see the work.

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I have signed prints available in various sizes starting from £10.

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Beginning by David Eldridge

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Photos by Manuel Harlan

Beginning played at the Queens Theatre Hornchurch from 3rd to the 18th September 2021 and Theatre Royal Bath from the 24th September to 2nd October 2021.

Beginning was a National Theatre production in association with Lee Dean, Theatre Royal Bath and Queens Theatre Hornchurch.

Cast: Amanda Ryan & Simon Darwen

Director: Joe Lichtenstein

Oringinal Director: Polly Findlay

Set Designer: Fly Davis

Associate Set Designer: Libby Todd

Lighting: Jack Knowles

Movement Director: Naomi Said

Associate Movement Director: Jess Williams


The Drip


Cadmium Red No.682


Joe is also known for his animations. He works using stop frame, drawing frames by hand.

Paintings. 2020.

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